We are a nonprofit organization serving ladies, their families, and partners who are terrified about pregnancy and any related concerns.

At Banah, we promise to…

1. provide a warm, safe environment to EVERYONE, regardless of age, race, income, nationality, religion, or circumstances.

2. treat you with kindness and compassion, assuring you that you can leave whenever you want.

3. listen to your story with respect and courtesy WITHOUT judgment, ridicule, or rejection.

4. reassure you that you have all rights to withhold any info that you don't wanna share.  But, do keep in mind that anything you tell us will be kept under lock-and-key; we don't share your life problems with ANYONE.

5. give you straight, to-the-point info about pregnancy, fetal development, lifestyle issues, adoption, abortion, and any other related concerns. WE BELIEVE THIS IS YOUR CHOICE, AND IT IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT ONES YOU'LL EVER MAKE.*

6. let you refuse any info we offer if you don't wish to have it.

7. give you honest, open answers.

8. direct you to other appropriate resources that could help you out in your time of crisis.

9. give you ongoing support as you need us.

We are honored that you have considered allowing us to share and help with this crucial time with lots of decisions to make.  Please let us know of any ways we can make our place better.  We are really focused on keeping the integrity and dignity of all clients a priority. WE ARE NOT HERE TO JUDGE YOU, and we are NOT here to spread your life secrets either.  You are safe here, and all info shared is kept within these walls.

*We do not make referrals to abortion clinics.